Wiztree is a hard drive space analyser and sorter to arrange files according to their size and space they occupy in hard drive .It is a easy to use tool and help you build understanding of your hard disk drive .By providing whole summary of space occupied using visuals , it gives you great facility to find large files and folders .It provides you the reason for your question "Where the space has gone?"

Features of Wiztree

1.Disk space analysis - Get whole detail of the space occupied by folders and file via MFT (Master files table) .

2. Fast access to files -Using NTFS FORMATTED drives, MFT (MASTER FILE TABLE) ease of quick access is generated

3. Support to varied formats - Multiple formats type files which are supported by Windows can be scanned by it .

4. Great visualisation feature - Based on size files are sorted , this helps you to guess distinction between huge collection of tiny file and large files .

5. Export and Import of MFT Files and CSV files - Selected files can be converted to CSV (Comma separated values) format then can be imported to Wiztree to get its view .

Conversion of Wiztree file data to CSV File 

1.Either do right click on the desired file/folder OR Press Ctrl+Alt+E .
2. Now select "Export to CSV file...".
IF NO SELECTION MADE THEN :-  All files and folders will get exported . 

Steps for silent installation of Wiztree

1. Go to wiztree official website
2. Download the wiztree file wiztree_x_yz_setup.exe at any folder .
3. Click on Command prompt and open Elevated Command Prompt by right click .
4. Opt to Run as Administrator .
5. Visit the folder where you downloaded your file.
6. Take the given commmands - wiztree_x_yz_setup.exe /VERYSILENT /NORESTART
7. Press Enter.
All your needs are fulfilled and now get ready to explore Wiztree's features .